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Jennifer Raybon attorney at law in Orlando

Raised in Central Florida, Jennifer Raybon had a natural propensity for advocacy and a gift for constructive argument.  These attributes served her well as she pursued a higher education that eventually led her to the field of law.  Her drive and pursuit of excellence drove Jennifer to excel and rise to the top in all her endeavors.  As a student, she worked full time and attended college full time, graduating top of her class, summa cum laude, with a Bachelor in Business Administration.  Jennifer continued working while attending law school full-time in the evening, and again graduated with honors, cum laude, with a Juris Doctorate degree.

Jennifer has spent her entire legal career as an advocate in litigation, first as a criminal defense attorney and then in civil litigation.  Over the years, she pondered whether there was a more effective and efficient method for resolving conflict. Seeing the ill effects of litigation on individuals and families, Jennifer became a Florida Supreme Court certified circuit civil mediator to broaden her skill set to include aiding parties in resolving conflict without the need to litigate matters.  Mediation has become an enormous aid to the courts, reducing the overall case load on the system and resolving matters more quickly and cost-efficiently for the parties; but, mediation is not without its limitations.  Recognizing those limitations, Jennifer continued the pursuit of how can the resolution of conflict be made even better!

Jennifer then learned of and became trained as a collaborative practitioner.  While a portion of Jennifer’s law practice is still dedicated to litigation, by far the Gold Standard for legal conflict resolution is by way of the collaborative process.  Through collaboration the parties maintain mutual respect and dignity, maintain control over the outcome of their case, and minimize the disruption and trauma typically associated with litigated cases.  It is Jennifer’s objective agenda to make collaborative law practice a common household concept nationwide, with the intent to save individuals from the financial devastation and emotional trauma that often results from litigation.

Jennifer is CEO and managing partner of The Advocater Legal, PLLC, located in Orlando, Florida.  The firm underwent a name change in 2017 to reflect the culture of the firm to always be in the forefront of Advocating for client’s needs first.  On July 1, 2017 the Collaborative Law Process Act (“CLPA”) became effective, positioning the State of Florida as a leader throughout the nation in implementing a dynamically progressive domestic relations law procedure.  The Advocate Legal, PLLC is pleased to offer to clients the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of legal precedent in Florida.

When outside of the office, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her son and daughter-in-law, cooking, reading, and enjoying the many outdoor activities that Florida has to offer.

Licensure and Training:

  • Licensed Attorney in the State of Florida
  • Collaboratively Trained Legal Practitioner
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Court Mediator

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