The Advocate Legal, PLLC derives its name and purpose from founder, Jennifer Raybon’s, vision she shares at The Advocate Global, which is to be an agent for change… a problem solver… and connector of people to resources, which in turn results in a more purposeful life for all who are touched by The Advocate.

In 2017 the law firm underwent a name change to The Advocate Legal, PLLC to reflect the corporate culture and vision that embraced challenging the norms and standard ways of conducting business. What if legal services could be done better, faster, and cheaper? What if clients no longer felt like they were victims of the legal “system” and were more in control of the outcome of their case?

We believe in advocating for a better quality of life for our clients.

We believe in breaking the cycle of conflict associated with divorce.

We believe in preserving families.

We believe that providing fixed costs services when possible contributes to more people having access to quality legal representation.

We believe that cooperation and collaboration leads to a better outcome when negotiating resolutions to legal disputes.

We believe in supporting and endorsing entrepreneurship.

We believe in leading, not following.

The Advocate Legal is making its mark in Family and Business Law. Divorce has a significant impact on client owned businesses, and we are uniquely equipped to understand and address those special issues because we also practice in the area of business law. Likewise, if you plan on marrying and you are a business owner, it would be wise to consider protecting your business interest prior to marriage.

Our attorneys are Collaboratively trained to handle Collaborative Divorce cases. There are numerous testimonies of parties who have had divorces through the Collaborative process who likely saved tens of thousands of dollars, experienced greater privacy regarding their family matters and financial circumstances, and completed the dissolution process much more quickly than the average litigated case. We also participate in the One Case Collaborative Project where we agree to accept a reduced fixed fee for legal representation in Collaborative cases for income restricted parties. It is our mission to inform and educate people that there are Collaborative options, and to put an end to the idea that divorces have to bankrupt the parties and destroy relationships. With The Advocate Legal, You can go through the process without being destroyed by the process.

We would be honored to be Your Advocate.

The Advocate Legal, PLLC

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